Phil Fishbach

Phil Fishbach

Phil Fishbach, Director

My wife Marcia and I have lived at the Boulders since 2002 while also living in Rochester NY. We have been married for 52 years and have a son and 2 grandchildren who live in Scottsdale as well as a daughter and 3 grandchildren living in Rochester.

I am a graduate of the University of Rochester and have an MBA from the Harvard Business School. My business career encompassed 35 years with the Xerox Corporation the last five of which were as Corporate Controller. The last 18 years have been spent serving on the Board of the Hillside Children’s Center (with 2 years as Chairman of the Board) which serves about 12,000 disadvantaged children.

Marcia and I have cherished our time here at the Boulders where we are active in hiking, biking, tennis and golf. Most importantly the Boulders has given us the opportunity to make many lifelong friendships.

My service on the OASB Board allows me to help ensure that the Boulders continues to be a place where we can all be proud to live.