Juls Brown

Juls Brown, Director

Juls Brown graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in pharmacy and started her career as a retail pharmacist.   Because she had a small knack for technology, she was selected by Target to become a Process Owner for pharmacy technology (otherwise known as head of a job that no one wants).  Eventually, she became an industry consultant for pharmacy software until it became clear that she was at risk of becoming a software geek (Unix anyone?).  

Since she suspected she really should have gone into construction and architecture, she made a radical turn and took an assignment to remodel/improve the buildings and technology of a Napa winery.   Apparently, her piece of the puzzle went fairly well although she found remodeling a commercial facility to be slightly more challenging than her many residential remodels. (Anyone ever put a glycol tank in their kitchen?)  

In 2015, she retired with her spouse in the Boulders to pursue golf, crazy fast pickleball and woodworking.  Because she’s been a grateful homeowner in the Boulders since 2002 and a golf member since 2005, she values the beautiful place we call home and would like to preserve that opportunity for others.